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Order Albino Louisiana Magic Mushrooms Order Albino Louisiana Magic Mushrooms: Albino Louisiana Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Albino Louisiana) is a strain originating from the nation of Louisiana wherein the sub-tropic weather supports many species and strains of mushrooms to grow inside the wild. It’s miles unknown who advanced this stress for business purposes. This is […]

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Product Overview – Order Acacia Confusa Root Bark Order Acacia Confusa Root Bark: This Acacia Confusa Root Bark is from the plush and majestic slopes below the rain forests atop Hawaii’s volcanic mountains. We often harvest and hand method the bark of deep roots from our personal land and that of our acquaintances. We try […]

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Psilocybin Mushrooms Description – Buy Psilocybe Mushrooms Buy Psilocybe Mushrooms: Psilocybe fruit bodies are generally small, nondescript mushrooms with a standard “little brown mushroom” morphology. Macroscopically, they’re characterized by their small to occasionally medium size, brown to yellow-brown shade, with a generally hygrophanous cap, and a spore print color that levels from lilac-brown to dark […]