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Mushroom Description – Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

Buy Blue Magnolia Rust: Though distinctly uncommon withinside the shroom marketplace these days, the Blue Magnolia Rust Magic Mushroom of the Psilocybe own circle of relatives is a brand new and effective pressure.  Interestingly,  mycologists advanced it with the aid of using isolating sporangiophore accumulated from a wild Mississippi version pattern in 2011. It is a completely new and severe type of the Psilocybe Cubensis (P. cubensis Blue Magnolia Rust). This range is scarce withinside the marketplace these days for shrooms.

It became created with the aid of using the isolation of spores from an accumulated pattern from a Mississippi pressure this is wild in 2011 with the aid of using Doc and Mycotek. From numerous studies and seek effects on-line, the researchers stated that the range became located to start with close to a horse ranch and became visible developing on timber chips and manure from horses.

Its look is laced with a bluish cap and couple with rusty spots, and its stems are distinctly thick. Interestingly, they may be greater distinguished on a fashionable notice and are predicted to have the identical power because the famous Penis Envy species. Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

It is broadly identified for its heat sight and an undoubting revel in this is non-secular. We do now no longer propose this for inexperienced persons, and we do now no longer advocate taking it at excessive dosage levels. It is regularly used for healing motives or in institution settings as in events.

The stern caution can be that it ought to now no longer be ingested in excessive amount while used at events

Additional Information

This Blue Magnolia rust has blue caps, with a few rusty spots and thick stems approximately others. They are big and typically presumed to be of the identical or maybe better efficiency than the famous Penis Envy variants. Known for its heat color and function look and the truth that it offers a thrilling feel of spirituality, it isn’t pretty advocated for inexperienced persons because of its excessive power.

While it may be used to have a laugh at some stage in events and additionally accurately used for healing assignments, it isn’t advocated to be taken in excessive doses in birthday celebration or institution outings.  The impact of this pressure may be felt after a length of 10 to 30minutes of ingestion. The temper is greater with euphoric and ecstatic feelings. However, that is dosage-structured as there can be slight or distinctly severe visuals. Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

The herbal global and your instantaneously surroundings grow to be corresponding to you, and also you join deeper. Interestingly, this stuff can also additionally look like breathing, and also you locate yourself meditative. Funny enough, song and artwork will sound distinctive or sense so whilst you develop deeper right into a higher appreciation of yourself on a greater non-public level. The typical dose among 0-5-1.5g and the slight quantity of 2.0-3.5g is the launchpad you want to go into right into a 3-6 hours trip. Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

Psychedelic Powers – Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

The Blue Magnolia Rust has blueish caps with rust spots and comparatively thick stems. They are typically big in length and predicted to be the identical or more in efficiency because the well-known Penis Envy strains.

Euphoria: psilocybin onset starts offevolved with an uplifting rush. It’s a pleasant, tingling sensation coupled with the effervescent effervescence of happiness.

Hallucinations: after euphoria, hallucinations set in. Shroom hallucinations regularly take place as grids, polygons, or different shapes. They’re hardly ever pressured with reality, despite the fact that they could make riding difficult. Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

Flow of time: at some stage in shroom trips, you could be aware time shifting slowly. Each time you appearance up on the clock, you are surprised with the aid of using how little time has passed.

Other traits: starvation normally decreases at some stage in shroom trips. Shrooms may growth wakefulness. Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

Habitat: Grains, Bovine/Equine Dung and Enriched Soils

Climate: Subtropical

Strain Origin: Unknown

About this product

Blue Magnolia Rust Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Blue Magnolia Rust) is a newer, excessive efficiency pressure this is nonetheless pretty uncommon withinside the mushroom markets these days.  This uncommon pressure became advanced with the aid of using keeping apart spores from a pattern accumulated from a wild Mississippi pressure in 2011 with the aid of using mycologists Doc and Mycotek.  Through many hours of studies on-line it’s far instructed that this pressure became at the start located close to a horse ranch, and located developing on timber chips and horse manure. Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

The Blue Magnolia Rust has blueish caps with rust spots and comparatively thick stems.

Blue Magnolia Rust is thought for its heat visuals and a completely non secular revel in. Because of its excessive efficiency we do now no longer advise it for first-timers. This pressure may be loved on my own for healing functions or in institution settings for partying. We do now no longer advise taking an excessive amount of in case you are making plans to apply this pressure as a celebration favour.

Effects – Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

Blue Magnolia Rust is thought for its heat visuals and a completely non secular revel in.


The Blue Magnolia Rust has blueish caps with rust spots and comparatively thick stems. Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

Growing Tips – Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

Blue Magnolia Rust may be grown like every other cubensis mushroom. Cubensis mushrooms may be grown on distinctive types of manure. Also, You should use a greater contemporary-day method like cococior, vermiculite and gyspum for a greater odorless develop. Buy Blue Magnolia Rust

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